Fellini - international production

Fellini, directed by Ola Mafaalani and Ko van den Bosch

There is no need to be an expert on the work of the famous Italian filmmaker to enjoy FELLINI. In this NNT production, directors Ko van den Bosch and Ola Mafaalani, who has always adored the circus, transforms the stage  into the most imaginative theatrical circus ever. Using the theatre as her circus tent, she brings il Maestro back to life and provides him with the airiest of wings, allowing him to enchant his public once again with his fantasy, imagination and heart-warming love stories.

Fellini takes place in a scintillating circus environment. The master is at work and takes us by the hand, leading us on a journey through his life, his dreams and his fantasy, while allowing us to sample his work where truth and fiction battle it out.

And as befits the circus, the artist, directs, deceives, amazes and enchants. Fellini is the theatrical encapsulation of the life of a brilliant soul who finally finds himself set atop a cloud beside a voluptuous nude, with whom he observes the living dwelling in the depths below.


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