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NNT: the theatre company for Groningen and beyond 

As of 2013, the NNT has been designated one of the four, major state-funded theatre companies in the Netherlands by the national Council for Culture. The NNT also acts as city theatre company for Groningen and is the in-house company of the city theatre Stadsschouwburg Groningen.

Including the actors, 25 people work for NNT. Depending on the production at hand, guest personnel (actors, designers, technicians, etc.) is involved. The NNT performs in theatres, on location, in black box theatres and in its own venue, Theater de Machinefabriek in Groningen. The NNT stages some eight productions every year (including three major stage productions as of 2013), drawing 40,000 visitors annually.



Society today is dictated by busy schedules and lack of time, leading people to lose sight of the truly important things in life. Individuals need to adjust to an overwhelming mass of information and the drastic changes taking place quicker than ever yet before in history. The NNT would like to stop the clock for an hour or two to address one of the most fundamental questions that confronts us in life: what are you doing on this planet today, and what will you have changed when you leave this mortal coil. The theatre has a function: to provide trust. Trust in the strength and flexibility of your own culture enables you to examine its blemishes and absurd flaws. Trust in the flexibility and unforeseen possibilities people encompass, confirming our audience is proof against change and uncertainty.


Social Engineering

This term that Noam Chomsky coined is the connecting thread of the repertoire brought to you by artistic leader Ola Mafaalani: changing consciousness one small step at a time. The theatre has provided insight into human behaviour for 2500 years. This entails 2500 years of experience with social, political and emotional mechanisms. The NNT theatre company combines a love of the classics – both tragedy and comedy – with its own unique and ready passion, set squarely in society. This draws us to the theatres, but also has us out in the streets to unleash our creativity. High visibility in the public arena reminds people of the value of theatre and the place where it really shines: in the theatre itself. The place where social necessity meets repertory theatre at its best. The NNT unites social imperatives with artistic verve. In doing so, we seek to collaborate with others, such as dance company Club Guy & Roni. Light pieces are provided a bite, while the serious ones are given a twist.




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