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FridayNITE w/ Ohslo & friends release party

Every Friday. FridayNITE.

• Music by ohslo • Performance by Renée van Trier • Music by Idiott Smith • DJ set by Karel & Grutto • DJ set by Zachte Man

• ohslo •
Late at night Dave Sorry and Nanne Hil record slow songs in their bedroom. Brand new songs make an exciting new album: Honeymoon. Release.

• Renée van Trier •
Back at it. Renée van Trier is one of our favorite artists. Her songs will soothe our anxieties, heal our torments and make us smile for weeks. Don´t miss. Really.

• Idiott Smith •
Songs by Roy.

• DJ sets •
Friends from the scene make the party go mean. In a good way. Come dance to the selection of Karel, Grutto and Zachte Man. Party.

Doors open 18:30
Friet & Sla €1 (OP=OP) 19:00
Start first act 20:00

Tickets are 5 euros. PIN only.

FridayNITE is a weekly stage for experimental art at Theater de Machinefabriek in Groningen. By Club Guy & Roni + Noord Nederlands Toneel. Open every Friday evening.


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