renedehaan Rene de Haan




Naast de traditionele toneelactiviteiten doen wij ons best om al het culturele talent binnen levenswetenschappen ruimte bieden om zich te ontplooien. Dit komt tot uiting in verschillende culturele activiteiten zoals een expositie, een open podium, een jaarlijks toneelstuk met voorafgaand een toneelcursus, een jamsessie en nog vele andere activiteiten. Zie voor meer informatie onder het kopje activiteiten!

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[ENGLISH] Idiomotor is the committee of culture in GLV Idun. As the successor of the Biobak, Idiomotor was founded in 1842 and is still going strong. Idiomotor strives to give all the students in our program a place to express their creativity and showcase their talent. We do this by organizing several activities such as an exposition, an open stage (talent show), an annual play preceded by a drama course, and many other exciting activities, all of which can be found on the website under ”Activities.”  Our intention is to introduce culture to Biology and Life Science and Technology students in a relaxed setting, not only by admiring culture but also by taking part in it.  Culture has a lot more to offer than many students think. We are trying to get rid of the bad reputation that the concept of culture has among students. Culture is not tedious or stuffy at all, quite the opposite, it has a lot to offer! Do not hesitate to visit our page to get an idea of how we address this. We hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

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